OC Srl designs and manufactures isolators according to customer needs and in compliance with GMP and cGMP standards. Isolators are containment systems for the handling of products in controlled and safe environments and are configured to work with positive or negative pressure, depending on the type of handled product.


  • Pre-chamber, for the introduction and extraction of products
  • Chamber, for product handling


  • Standard construction in AISI 3l6L/other materials (on request)
  • Sanitary grade internal finishes (Ra < 0.51 µm)
  • Internal design studied for easy cleaning and to avoid the accumulation of dirt
  • Integrated ejection system
  • HEPA Hl4 filters in input
  • HEPA Hl4 filters in output
  • Inflatable gasket sealing system
  • Chamber and pre-chamber pressure control
  • Filter clogging check
  • Crystalline PMMA safety doors (other materials on request)


  • Inerting system
  • Continuous particle control
  • CIP (Cleaning in place)
  • SIP (Sterilisation in place)

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