The false ceilings of the OC S.r.l. Pandora line are ideal for controlled contamination environments: built with different types of panelling, according to customer needs, they are made of materials that do not release particles, always guaranteeing the maximum degree of cleanliness and sanitisation of environments.

The Pandora false ceiling is made of special anodised aluminium profiles, which can be perfectly connected to the adjacent walls and can be arranged to house lamps, filters and/or diffusers. It was also designed for any changes in height: both horizontal and vertical edges are made with rounded aluminium profiles; Pandora also meets the needs of thermal and acoustic insulation and complies with fire reaction requirements.

The panelling of Pandora false ceilings does not require locking accessories: the Pandora false ceiling mounting system, patented by OC s.r.l., allows for the solid and perfectly integrated fixing of the panels on the structure, and this is achieved simply through an interlocking mechanism.

Pandora false ceilings are available in planar and non-planar versions based on the classification of the department in which they are to be inserted. They can also be made in a walk-over version.


This type of false ceiling forms a continuous and coplanar surface. The structure is made with extruded aluminium profiles and sandwich panels (size: 1240x2490x15mm), with aluminium honeycomb filling. The surface is grouted and coated with PVC. A walkable version of all the products in this category is available on request.

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